Selecting Resources in G2C2

Genetics/Genomics educational materials in G2C2 are accessible through three pathways:

  1. Search:
    1. Create phrase or term searches on the homepage or
    2. Review previously created search results accessible through the "Browse Resources" menu
  2. Competencies: Click on a specific genomic competency in the “Competency Map” to see a list of resources that fulfill that competency
  3. Societies/Organizations: Access resources through the “Browse Resources” menu. Includes
    1. Resources from the Society/Organization that are mapped to genomic competencies and are indexed in G2C2
    2. External resources (not mapped to competencies) that are found on the Society/Organization’s website

Search results can be filtered by clicking options (CME/CE, cost, format) in the left-most column. Clicking on individual hits in the search results opens the “Resource Details” page which includes a description, additional details and options, and a list of genomic competencies specific to that resource. These competencies are organized by discipline at the bottom of each “Resource Details” page.

From the “Resource Details” page, users can go directly to the resource by clicking the title or “Launch Resource” button. Clicking the “Save” button adds resource information to your personal resource list which can be emailed to you or others.

The G2C2 Editorial Board reviews, approves, and maps each resource to specific genomic competencies.