A Guide to Genetic Counseling, 2nd Edition; Chapter 15 Professional Identity and Development

Now in its Second Edition, it provides a thoroughly revised and Chapter 15 is on the topic of professional development. Includes an appendix listing clinical professional genetics societies, their structure, a brief history, and professional development opportunities offered.

Type Book
CME Available No
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Note Textbook, 2009, reference
Date of Resource 2009

Genomic Competencies

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Genetic Counselor

  • Professional Development & Practice
    • 20:   Support client and community interests in accessing, or declining, social and health services and clinical research.
      • 20a:   Display initiative for lifelong learning.
      • 20b:   Recognize one's limitations and capabilities in the context of genetic counseling practice.
      • 20c:   Seek feedback and respond appropriately to performance critique.
      • 20d:   Demonstrate a scholarly approach to genetic counseling, including using available evidence-based principles in the preparation and execution of a genetic counseling encounter.
      • 20e:   Identify appropriate individual and/or group opportunities for ongoing personal supervision and mentorship.
      • 20f:   Accept responsible for one's physical and emo- tional health as it impacts on professional performance.
      • 20g:   Recognize and respect professional boundaries between clients, colleagues, and supervisors.