Genetics Home Reference

Website of the National Library of Medicine for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible for those conditions. A glossary of genetic and medical terms is available from every web page. In addition, each summary provides a list of glossary terms used on the page, with a direct link to their definitions.

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Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.


  • Basic Genetic Concepts
    • B1:   To demonstrate an understanding of the basic genetic/genomic concepts and nomenclature
    • B2:   To recognize and appreciate the role of behavioral, social, and environmental factors (lifestyle, socioeconomic factors, pollutants, etc.) to modify or influence genetics in the manifestation of disease
    • B4:   To use family history (minimum of three generations) in assessing predisposition to disease and selection of drug treatment
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI)
    • E5:   To Identify the need to refer a patient to a genetic specialist or genetic counselor

Physician Assistant

  • Patient Care
    • 1:   Gather family history information and construct a multigenerational pedigree.
    • 2:   Identify patients who would benefit from referral to genetics professionals
    • 3:   Distinguish between genetic screening and genetic testing
    • 4:   Incorporate genetic tests into patient management
    • 5:   Discuss the range of genetic and genomic-based approaches to the treatment of disease.
  • Medical Knowledge For Practice
    • 1:   Describe the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying human inheritance.
    • 2:   Define the role of genetic variation in health and disease
  • Interpersonal & Communications Skills
    • 3:   Promote informed decision making for patients, and provide nondirective counseling
    • 4:   Offer appropriate psychological and social support to patients and families affected by a genetic condition