A clinician-driven automated system for integration of pharmacogenetic interpretations into an electronic medical record.

Advances in pharmacogenetic testing will expand the number of clinically important pharmacogenetic variants. Communication and interpretation of these test results are critical steps in implementation of pharmacogenetics into the clinic. This article describes processes for incorporating pharmacogenetic tests and interpretations into the electronic medical record for clinical practice.

Type Guideline
CME Available No
Cost Free

Date of Resource 2012

Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.


  • Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI)
    • E3:   To adopt a culturally sensitive and ethical approach to patient counseling regarding genomic/pharmacogenomic test results
    • E4:   To appreciate the cost, cost-effectiveness, and reimbursement by insurers relevant to genomic or pharmacogenomic tests and test interpretation, for patients and populations
  • Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics
    • P1:   To demonstrate an understanding of how genetic variation in a large number of proteins, including drug transporters, drug metabolizing enzymes, direct protein targets of drugs, and other proteins (e.g. signal transduction proteins) influence pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics related to pharmacologic effect and drug response