Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics (APHMG): MEDICAL SCHOOL CORE CURRICULUM IN GENETICS 2013

A working group of the Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics (APHMG) developed a detailed set of up to date competencies targeted specifically to medical students in the United States. This document is intended to represent a useful reference and source of standardization for undergraduate medical education in genetics/genomics. In this current document, they have mapped learning objectives to the ACGME competency domains, and have constructed a set of broad genetics competencies that they believe all graduating medical students should achieve. The intent of this report is to encourage a focus on competency-based education in genetics/genomics and to provide guidance to deans, curriculum committees, course and clerkship directors regarding the competencies that students should demonstrate with respect to medical genetic knowlege, skills, and behaviors necessary for a future career in medicine.

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Genomic Competencies

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  • Family History
    • P-FH1B:   Knowledge for Practice
      • 1B1:   Describe the basic patterns of Mendelian inheritance
      • 1B2:   Explain the difference between Mendelian and multifactorial inheritance
    • P-FH1F:   Systems-Based Practice
      • 1F1:   Focus family history on problems relevant to the individual patient’s health
      • 1F2:   Facilitate patient’s desire to communicate relevant family history information among health providers and family members
    • P-FH1H:   Personal and Professional Development
      • 1H1:   Identify sources of information on genetic disorders, such as OMIM (online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and GeneReviews
      • 1H2:   Maintain continuing medical education on matters of medical genetics
  • Genomic Testing
    • P-GT2B:   Knowledge for Practice
      • 2B1:   Describe the major forms of genomic variability
  • Patient Treatment Based on Genomic Results
    • P-PM3B:   Knowledge for Practice
      • 3B1:   Appreciate the importance of genetic diversity of humans and the abundance of genetic variants in each individual genome
  • Somatic Genomics
    • P-SG4B:   Knowledge for Practice
      • 4B1:   Explain the concept of somatic genetic change
  • Microbial Genomic Information
    • P-MG5B:   Knowledge for Practice
      • 5B1:   Explain the core strategies for genomic testing for microbial disease