NSGC Webinar: Pharmacogenetics: Practical Information for Genetic Counselors

Webinar provides overview of pharmacogenetics including case examples with testing, resources and roles for genetic counselors. Slides not available as a separate file.

Type Multimedia
CME Available No
Cost Free to NSGC Members
Note 2013

Date of Resource

Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.

Genetic Counselor

  • Genetics Expertise and Analysis
    • 1:   Demonstrate and utilize a depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge of genetics and genomics core concepts and principles.
      • 1a:   Demonstrate knowledge of principles of human, medical, and public health genetics and genomics and their related sciences.
      • 1b:   Apply knowledge of genetic principles and understand how they contribute to etiology, clinical features and disease expression, natural history, differential diagnoses, genetic testing and test report interpretation, pathophysiology, recurrence risk, management and prevention, and population screening.