NSGC Online Education: Billing and Coding

  • Includes didactic, self-paced, online modules covering information about billing and coding for genetic counselors (0.23 CEUs or 2.3 Contact Hours).
  • Provides free access to periodic webinars that offer new information and updates and include the opportunity for live Q&A. Webinars will be archived for on-demand or repeat viewing by course participants.
  • Includes access to downloadable resource materials including a quick reference guide that contains a glossary of billing and coding terms.
  • Includes exclusive access to the Billing and Coding Course Discussion Forum where a coding and billing expert will answer your questions. All questions will be documented and archived in a database for course participants.

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CME Available Yes
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Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.

Genetic Counselor

  • Professional Development & Practice
    • 22:   Accept responsibility for one's physical and emotional health as it impacts on professional performance.
      • 22a:   Distinguish the genetic counseling scope of practice in relation to the roles of other health professionals.
      • 22b:   Develop positive relationships with professionals across different disciplines.
      • 22c:   Demonstrate familiarity with the health care system as it relates to genetic counseling practice including relevant privacy regulations, referral and payment systems.
      • 22d:   Demonstrate effective interaction with other professionals within the healthcare infrastructure to promote appropriate and equitable delivery of genetic services.
      • 22e:   Assist non-genetic healthcare providers in utilizing genetic information to improve patient care in a cost-effective manner.
      • 22f:   Promote responsible use of genetic/genomic technologies and information to enhance the health of individuals, communities, and the public.