Maintaining Medical Professionalism: Promoting Balance and Preventing Student Burnout

Student burnout is a significant issue to trainees in the health professions, and is particularly pertinent to pre-medical and medical students early in their training. Awareness of student burnout and its impact on future healthcare providers and their patients is a critical aspect of medical education.

This presentation was created to introduce ?Imi Ho??la Post-baccalaureate students to the topic of student burnout and to educate them on the importance of creating a sense of balance between their academic and personal lives. It is taught as one component of a larger medical professionalism and ethics curriculum which was implemented in 2007.
A formal needs assessment was conducted with program faculty regarding professionalism and faculty interest in developing an educational curriculum on professionalism. The results suggested that faculty believed it was necessary to educate and monitor students for professionalism behaviors and for student burnout. A review of the literature informed the design and implementation of the presentation. The presentation has been improved over the course of seven years in order to remain relevant and practical for learners in the early stages of their careers.
Given preliminary evaluation results, the presentation has been positively received by students and has also been modified, retaining its strengths and addressing its weaknesses. Although the presentation was created for post-baccalaureate students with a conditional acceptance to medical school, it can be replicated and utilized for medical students nationwide.
This presentation offers medical education training programs the opportunity for student reflection and open discussion regarding student burnout. Burnout in medicine, particularly for physicians, is a growing trend and students must be equipped to recognize, cope, and hopefully prevent burnout from occurring.

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