Incorporating Technology into Genetic Counseling Practice

This is a web-based course that includes 10 pre-recorded lectures on various topics related to the learning objectives. Quizzes are available to assess achievement of learning outcomes. For instructors who would like to use the materials with students, there is a group purchase fee available.

Type Course
CME Available No
Cost $175 for NSGC member (includes CEUs); $225 for non-member

Date of Resource 2017

Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.

Genetic Counselor

  • Genetics Expertise and Analysis
    • 4:   Identify, assess, facilitate, and integrate genetic testing options in genetic counseling practice.
      • 4a:   Investigate the availability, analytic validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility of screening, diagnostic and predictive genetic/genomic tests.
      • 4e:   Interpret the clinical implications of genetic test reports.
  • Interpersonal, Psychosocial and Counseling Skills
    • 12:   Understand how to adapt genetic counseling skills for varied service delivery models.
      • 12a:   Tailor communication to a range of service delivery models to meet the needs of various audiences.
      • 12b:   Compare strengths and limitations of different service delivery models given the genetic counseling indication.
      • 12c:   Describe the benefits and limitations of distance encounters.
      • 12d:   Tailor genetic counseling to a range of service delivery models using relevant verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.
      • 12e:   Recognize psychosocial concerns unique to distance genetic counseling encounters.
  • Professional Development & Practice
    • 19:   Advocate for individuals, families, communities and the genetic counseling profession.
      • 19d:   Employ strategies that to increase/promote access to genetic counseling services.