European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) Genetic Educational Materials & Sources

A large number of highly impressive educational resources have already been developed and made available online, internationally. The purpose of the pages provided here is to assist educators and individual learners in identifying sources of educational materials, related to genetics and genomics, that they may find useful. Curated by Prof. Edward Tobias (Clinical Director of the Masters programme: MSc in Medical Genetics & Genomics at the University of Glasgow, UK). It has been revamped and has a nice filtering section and it is a signposting site but it mainly points to other resources rather than new material – but it is very international.

Type Website
CME Available No
Cost Free

Date of Resource

Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.


  • Identification
    • ID-2:   Identify credible, accurate, appropriate, and current genetic and genomic information
    • ID-3:   Identify ethical, ethnic/ancestral, cultural, religious, legal, fiscal and societal issues
  • Provision of education, care and support
    • PECS-2:   Provide clients with genetic and genomic information and resources for informed decision making
    • PECS-4:   Use genetic- and genomic-based interventions and information to improve clients' outcomes

Genetic Counselor

  • Genetics Expertise and Analysis
    • 5:   Assess individuals' and their relatives' probability of conditions with a genetic component or carrier status based on their pedigree, test result(s), and other pertinent information.
    • 6:   Demonstrate the skills necessary to successfully manage a genetic counseling case.