ISONG Webinar: CV Genetics: An Overview

Cardiovascular Genetics: An Overview is the first in series of webinars developed to increase awareness of genetics and cardiovascular disease. This series kicks off during American Heart Month by reviewing how genetics plays a role in inherited and common cardiac diseases and presenting best practices for risk assessment through targeted family history approaches and identification of clinical red flags in the assessment so that RN providers can appropriately screen, refer, education, and manage care within their scope of practice.

Type Website
CME Available Yes
Cost $25 for ANA members; $50 for non-members

For Genetic Counselor: Short video introduction to cardiovascular genetics; may be useful for genetic counseling training programs and other teaching settings.

Date of Resource 2017

Genomic Competencies

Experts from the disciplines listed below have tagged this resource as fulfulling genomic competencies.


  • Basic Genetic Concepts
    • B2:   To recognize and appreciate the role of behavioral, social, and environmental factors (lifestyle, socioeconomic factors, pollutants, etc.) to modify or influence genetics in the manifestation of disease

Genetic Counselor

  • Genetics Expertise and Analysis
    • 1:   Demonstrate and utilize a depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge of genetics and genomics core concepts and principles.
      • 1a:   Demonstrate knowledge of principles of human, medical, and public health genetics and genomics and their related sciences.
      • 1b:   Apply knowledge of genetic principles and understand how they contribute to etiology, clinical features and disease expression, natural history, differential diagnoses, genetic testing and test report interpretation, pathophysiology, recurrence risk, management and prevention, and population screening.