An Ethics Casebook for Genetic Counselors, 2nd Edition: Ethical Discourse for the Practice of Genetic Counseling

The first chapters weave together the historical methods of ethical analysis, the evolution of the Code of Ethics and a demonstration of case analysis. The final chapters demonstrate how these principles can be applied to current issues such as patient autonomy, truth-telling and disclosure, and confidentiality, privacy and veracity.

Type Book
CME Available Yes
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2006; case book

Genomic Competencies

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Genetic Counselor

  • Professional Development & Practice
    • 17:   Act in accordance with the ethical, legal and philosophical principles and values of the genetic counseling profession and the policies of one's institution or organization.
      • 17b:   Recognize and respond to ethical and moral dilemmas arising in genetic counseling practice and seek outside consultation when needed.
      • 17c:   Identify and utilize factors that promote client autonomy